Third Eye Chakra Amethyst Tumbled Stones - Refill

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Third Eye Chakra Blend: Amethyst + Clear Quartz 

Do you struggle to trust your intuition?

Do you want to get more creative?

Are you seeking to open up your perspective? 

I am a blend of Amethyst and Clear Quartz. I help you to sharpen your intuition and increase your creativity by unlocking your inner perspective.

I am good for: perception, sight, inner wisdom, intuition, creativity, decisiveness & easing nightmares.

Chakra: Third Eye (the center of your forehead)

This item includes a Free Third Eye Chakra Affirmation Card.


  • 100% genuine crystal guarantee. 
  • 200g tumbled stones comes in a drawstring bag.

*This product does not include the water bottle.

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